Instagram Flipside New Feature: Is This the End of Finstas in 2024?

Instagram Flipside

Feeling like your perfectly curated Instagram feed doesn’t quite capture the real you? You’re not alone. Many of us crave a space to share more candid moments and unfiltered thoughts with a closer circle of friends. That’s where Instagram’s new Flipside feature comes in.

Feeling like your Instagram feed is more highlight reel than real life? You’re not alone. We all crave spaces to share unfiltered moments and unpolished thoughts with our closest crew. That’s where Instagram Flipside comes in.

Instagram Flipside: Your Private Corner on the Public Grid

It’s your private corner on the public grid, a place to be your authentic self with the people who truly get you. Dive into Flipside and discover the joy of genuine connection, one goofy selfie and heartfelt vent at a time.

Instagram Flipside
Instagram Flipside

What is Instagram Flipside?

Flipside is essentially a private, invite-only section within your existing profile. Think of it as a secret garden tucked away behind your curated front yard. It’s a place to post pictures of goofy adventures with your squad, share unedited snapshots of everyday life, or just vent about your day without worrying about the world watching.

Why Ditch the Finsta?

Flipside offers a major advantage over the classic “finsta” strategy (using a fake Instagram account). No more juggling multiple accounts or risking getting caught. With Flipside, you can keep everything within your main profile, making it easier to manage and access.

Instagram Flipside
Instagram Flipside as Your Private Coanoe Crier

Here’s how Flipside works:

  • Create your private space: Access Flipside by swiping down on your profile. You can give it a unique name, bio, and even a different profile picture than your public persona.
  • Curate your guest list: Choose exactly who gets to see your Flipside content. Add close friends, remove others, or even start fresh with a new list anytime.
  • Share freely: Let loose and post whatever you want, knowing it’s only visible to your chosen few. No judgments, just real connections.

Flipside is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to revolutionize how we share on Instagram:

Embrace the unfiltered: 

Flipside could pave the way for a more authentic online experience, where we celebrate both the glamorous and the messy moments.

Deepen connections: 

By sharing more personal content with closer friends, Flipside could foster stronger bonds and create a more meaningful online community.

Reclaim control: 

With granular control over who sees what, Flipside gives users back some much-needed privacy and ownership over their online presence.

So, is this the end of finstas?

Maybe not entirely. But Flipside offers a more convenient and integrated way to express your true self with the people who matter most. It’s a step towards a more nuanced and authentic online experience, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on as it evolves.

Ready to explore your own Flipside? Keep your eyes peeled for the feature as Instagram slowly rolls it out to more users. In the meantime, let us know what you think about this potential game-changer in the comments below!

Instagram Flipside
Instagram Flipside


What is Instagram Flipside?

It’s a private section within your profile for sharing personal content with chosen friends, like a secret garden on your public Insta.

Why use Flipside over a finsta?

No more juggling accounts or risking exposure. Flipside keeps everything tidy within your main profile.

How does Flipside work?

Create a private space with a unique name, bio, and pic. Then, handpick your guest list and share freely, knowing only your chosen few can see it.

When will Flipside be available?

Instagram’s rolling it out slowly, so keep your eyes peeled!


Social media isn’t real life. But with Flipside, it can feel a little more like it.

– a Instagram user

Finally, a place to share the goofy, unfiltered me without the world watching. Thanks, Flipside!

David L., photographer

Control over my online persona? Yes, please! Flipside is a privacy game-changer.

a tech blogger


Instagram Flipside isn’t just a new feature; it’s a shift towards a more genuine online experience. It lets you embrace the unfiltered, deepen connections with close friends, and reclaim control over your online presence. So, ditch the finsta charade and step into your Flipside. It’s time to share the real you with the people who matter most.

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