STRAUSS Official Basketball Size 7 |Professional Match Ball for Indoor & Outdoor Games & Training | Ideal for Kids & Adults | Ideal for Basketball Enthusiasts and Athletes | Suitable for All Surfaces

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Durable Construction

Our basketball is crafted from high-quality materials such as genuine leather or composite leather. This ensures durability against wear and tear, allowing the ball to maintain its shape and performance over extended periods of play.

Excellent Grip

The surface of the basketball offers a superior grip, providing players with optimal control during dribbling, passing, and shooting. Quality grooves and textures enhance grip, even when the ball gets sweaty or in different playing conditions.

Consistent Bounce

Our basketball maintains consistent bounce characteristics across different surfaces. Proper inflation and internal bladder construction are crucial for achieving this consistency, ensuring the ball responds predictably to every dribble and bounce.


Strauss Basketball comes with a highly durable covering which is resistant to abrasion and rough game play and Rubber bladder to prevent loss of pressure & keeping the ball inflated for longer.
Ultra-Durability: The basketball is a very long-lasting equipment owing to its ultra durable covering which provides superior performance and External surface made from rubber provides a good grip & bounce.
Wide Channel Design: The ball has a wide channel design on its covering which gives it a tenacious grip, owing to sufficient friction and minimal slippage
Superior Grip: The covering has granular texture and wide channels that let you gain a superior grip.
All weather resistance.Weight w/o Air-475,with air-520, circumference-29.5 inch.

Customers say

Customers like the age range of the basketball, saying it’s excellent for beginners and good value for money. They also like the grip. However, some customers have reported that the shape and bounce of the ball has issues. They say it loses its shape within a week and has an unusual bounce. Customers also dislike the pin. Opinions are mixed on quality.

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